Musical automaton "Clown playing mandoline"

    Musical automaton "Clown playing mandoline"

    France, Paris

    Circa 1900

    Vichy, Gustave

    Papier-mache, leather, wood, metal, fabric; sewing, mechanical work, wood carving, woodwork, painting

    Height 58 cm


    Musical automaton in the form of a clown figure sitting on the back of white wooden chair. The clown has brown glass eyes, moving eyelids, red hair, smiling mouth; teeth are visible, pink cheeks, red tip of the nose. A clownish cylinder is on his head. He is dressed in short black silk wide trousers with sequins, with yellow garters, clownish dress coat on yellow lining with the embroidered note stand on the back. Violin clefs made of red and black beads are on the lapels of violin. Black sequined shirt, with band collar with frill and yellow cuffs, yellow vest with green beads. The clown holds a mandoline in his left hand. The control mechanism with four cams, musical movement with sound comb, pinned cylinder for two tunes and spring motor are mounted under the chair seat.
    Winding key and start/stop button are on the rear side. When the movement is turned on, the music sounds, the clown “blinks”, turns his head right and left, his right hand moves along the mandolin strings, his right leg moves in time with the music.