Musical automaton: "Smart lady with lorgnette"

    Musical automaton: "Smart lady with lorgnette"

    France, Paris

    Circa 1900

    Vichy, Gustave

    Porcelain, wood, metal, fabric, glass, leather, ivory, papier-mâché, hair; sewing, mechanical work, painting, woodwork, lathe

    Height 64 cm


    Musical automaton in the form of smart lady with lorgnette watching races. She is seated on a bamboo chair, with her legs crossed, and a very proud attitude. She has brown glass eyes, eyelids with thick eyelashes, earrings with pearls in her ears, dark hair, mouth half open, her teeth are visible. Straw hat is on her head, wide light ribbon with bow and a blue flowers’ bouquet is on the hat crown. She is dressed in beige poplin skirt with frill and colorful braid, muslin blouse with lace band collar, and chamomile brooch on her. Vest of beige velvet with lace trim and three purple bows. Underwear with laces, black knee-high socks and black leather shoes with heels are on her feet. The lady holds a lace fan in her left hand and a lorgnette in her right one.
    The musical movement with sound comb, pinned cylinder for one tune and spring motor is mounted in the body. Winding key and start/stop button are on the rear side.
    When the movement is turned on, the music sounds, the lady “breathes,” “blinks,” brings lorgnette to her eyes, looks through it, then lowers her right hand, her head turns smoothly right and left, lowers and rises, moves her left hand with fan.