Musical automaton "Equilibrist on ladder"

    Musical automaton "Equilibrist on ladder"


    mid-20th century

    Papier-mache, wood, metal, fabric, silk, bisque; sewing, casting, mechanical works, painting

    Height 60 cm, 2 kg

    On the nape: "5.BJ", "PARIS", "3". On key grip: "20"


    A ladder with seven crossbeams is installed on rectangular, burgundy velvet covered stand. The automaton in the form of a clown's figure balances on the top of the stairs, pressing into handstand. The figure is dressed in white silk clown suit with a lace collar, bouffe sleeves and wide short pants with lace cuffs and longitudinal lace braid. The metal thread is woven into lace and braid.  Pale pink satin vest is decorated with sequins and blue beads. He is wearing white knitted stockings and light brown leather shoes with glossy openwork buckles. The clown’s head with blue glass eyes and long red hair is made of matt-finished porcelain. Tall white silk cap girded with metal braid and decorated with a pattern of metal gimp and green bead is on the head. The clown’s make-up is on his face. The start/stop rod is on the stand front side. The keyhole is on the rear side. When the mechanism is activated, the figure comes into motion. It press into handstand, lifting the legs up. Then the clown twice raises the left hand aside, than returns to the initial position, leaning on the ladder with both hands.
    Clown's movements are accompanied by the sounds of a musical movement with cylinder and sound comb.