Musical automaton "Little girl with bird cage and cherries"

    Musical automaton "Little girl with bird cage and cherries"

    France, Paris

    circa 1895

    Lambert, Léopold

    Papier-mache, porcelain, wood, metal, fabric, silk, lace; sewing, casting, painting on porcelain

    Height 51 cm

    Red print on the nape: “DÈPOSÉ TÊTE JUMEAU Bte SGDG ”; print “205”; on the key: “LB”


    Standing upon red velvet covered box is a porcelain-head girl with brown glass paperweight eyes, beautifully painted features, with wide beaming smile with row of painted teeth, pierced ears, brunette human hair over cork pate, carton torso and legs, wire upper arms, porcelain forearms. She proudly holds gilded wooden birdcage with perched red-feathered bird and holds a bunch of cherries in each hand. When wound, the doll turns her head from side to side, gleefully smiling, as though in anticipation of the pleasure of feeding the bird. She lifts her right arm and extends the cherries to the bird who eagerly flutters about in its cage.

    Cam mechanism that controls the movements of the figure and cylinder movement are fitted in the stand. Keyhole for the brass crown and activating button are on the stand rear side. When the movement is turned on, the figure comes into motion - the head descends and rises, turns right and left, the right hand with berries rises to the cage, the bird turns on the perch up and down. All actions are accompanied by music. Musical movement with pinned metal cylinder and sound comb performs two tunes. Fragment of a blank with handwritten inscription is on the bottom side.