Musical automaton "Young lady feeding a baby from a bottle"

    Musical automaton "Young lady feeding a baby from a bottle"

    France, Paris

    circa 1865

    Roullet & Decamps

    Papier-mache, porcelain, wood, metal, fabric, silk, lace, glass; sewing, mechanical works, painting, lathe

    Height 64 cm, 5 kg


    Musical automaton in the shape of a figure of young lady sitting on a chair giving milk from a bottle to a baby. The woman is wearing white blouse with folds with fluffy sleeves, lace bodice, collar and cuffs. The linen skirt is trimmed with white and blue braid. Lace cap decorated with a light blue ribbon is on her head. Heavy dark blue raincoat with the lining is put on over the dress. It is tied with ribbon around the neck. Brown striped stockings and leather shoes are on her feet. A bottle of milk is in the right hand. The baby has lace dress and cap. The head and hands of the woman are made of painted papier-mache, hair is light brown, natural, brown eyes are glass. The baby's head is made of porcelain.

    Musical movement with cylinder and sound comb for two tunes, and a mechanism controlling the movements of the automaton are fitted in the lady’s body. Keyhole and activating button are under the right hand. When the movement is turned on, the music sounds, the woman's head turns to the sides and leans toward the child, eyes close and open, the left hand swings the baby, the right one brings the bottle to his mouth.