Automaton "Lady looking in her hand mirror"

    Automaton "Lady looking in her hand mirror"

    France, Paris

    circa 1910

    Lambert, Léopold

    Porcelain, metal, fabric (velvet, silk), beads, feathers; painting

    20 х 20 х 50 cm, 3 kg


    Automaton is a figure of a girl on a stand. The stand is wooden, on four round metal feet, octagonal, covered with dark green velvet, decorated along the perimeter and sides with silk light green ribbon. The girl is dressed in light pink silk dress, the sleeves and skirt of which are decorated with silk inserts with floral ornaments. The dress hem is decorated with white lace rimmed braid, cuffs and collar are supplemented with a lace braid. The girl’s neck is decorated with silk ribbon of the same colour as the dress, with floral motif. The hair behind is tied with silk bow. The ears are adorned with the drop-shaped pearl coloured earrings. She is wearing white lace socks and light pink silk shoes with bows on the toes. Head and hands are made of porcelain.

    The musical movement is started by the original key labelled "LB", activated by a lever on the right side of the stand. While the automaton os operating, the girl is turning her head from side to side, fanning herself and brings a pince-nez to her face.