Musical automaton "Smoking gentleman"

    Musical automaton "Smoking gentleman"


    circa 1885

    Lambert, Léopold , Pierre-Francois Jumeau

    Porcelain, paper, fabric (velvet, silk, cotton), beads, feathers; painting

    Height 57 cm

    On the man's neck: "Depose/Tete Jumeau/Bte D.G.D.G./2"


    Figure of a young man is fixed on the stand, with a cigarette holder in his right hand and a silk handkerchief decorated with lace in his left hand. The stand is metal; the upper and lower part of it are made of wood and covered with mustard-coloured velvet. Young man is dressed in lilac silk jacket with printed floral motif. Under the jacket, he is wearing  light cream-coloured long silk blouse,  the collar is decorated with lace braid and a bow of the same tint as the blouse and lace cuffs. Small bright red earrings from the beads are in his ears. Red-brown silk hat decorated with light beige and crimson-red feathers is on the man's head. He is wearing creamy-white silk culottes, decorated with silk edging and bows on the sides. Knee-high socks are of dark lilac cotton, shoes are silk, with dark purple bows on toes. Porcelain head and hands, the trunk is papier-mache.

    Musical movement is hidden inside the stand, a winding key and a lever for activating tunes are on the case rear side. While the melody plays, young man rises his head, then turns it from side to side, brings the cigarette holder to his mouth and inhales, then lowers his hand and exhales the smoke.