Automaton "Magician"

    Automaton "Magician"

    France, Paris

    circa 1895

    Renou и François Gauthier

    Porcelain, fabric (velvet, silk, cotton), wood, beads; lathe

    Height 39 cm

    On the back of the doll's head: "F.G." (Francois Gautier)


    Magician automaton with bisque head impressed "F.G." in scroll for François Gaultier, closed mouth, fixed blue glass eyes, pierced ears, cork pate, original long blonde mohair wig, standing behind pedestal table, her bisque hands holding paper-covered cup topped, on velvet-covered base with single-air going-barrel movement, brass Renou key and stop-start, in polychrome silk costume, blue velvet waistcoat and cut-paper headdress trimmed with jet and glass beads. The magician lowers her head and lifts the cup from the table to reveal a sequence of five changing items: yellow ball, red ball, white ball, white die and red die.


    Инв. 2313/ММП