Musical automaton "Doctor GNU"

    Musical automaton "Doctor GNU"

    France, Saint-Julien-Beychevelle

    circa 1995

    L'arbe a Pain See Anne Marie Pradere

    Wood, metal, fabric, glass, papier-mâché, fur, leather; painting, sewing, mechanical works, carpentry

    47 х 47 х 85 cm, 8 kg

    Inscriptions on the plates: “Le Pierrot Musical”, “L’arbre à Pain St-Julien Beychevelle pièce unique/Made in France”; on the sign: "Docteur GNOU"


    Papier-mâché figures of antelope and lion are fixed on parquet of a rectangular wooden stand upper panel, the sides of which are covered with fabric with geometric ornamentation of green, beige, blue and red colours. The antelope is presented as a dentist and a lion – as a patient sitting on a pedestal. Sign with the inscription: "DOCTOR GNU" is fixed on two golden colour pillars, wrapped in Bordeaux ribbon and with ball-shaped finials. Gnu with curved horns holds the lion firmly around the neck.

    The antelope and the lion have brown glass eyes, the lion's mouth is open, the thread is tied to the upper tush. Lion with a lush mane is dressed in sandy colour safari costume and blue striped shirt. Paws with claws are visible from under the clothes. Gnu is wearing silk suit of tobacco colour with vertical stripes, white shirt, checked tie, blue knitted socks and black leather boots. Dress-coat cuffs and tie are decorated with tushes.

    Driving mechanism and musical movement with sound comb, cylinder for one tune and spring motor are fitted in the stand with winding key and activation button.

    When the movement is activated, the tune sounds, the doctor pulls the thread, lowering and raising his head, the lion’s paws twitch.