Musical automaton "Sérenade"

    Musical automaton "Sérenade"

    France, Paris

    circa 1900

    Roullet & Decamps

    Porcelain, papier-mâché, metal, wood, leather, fabric (silk, velvet), feathers, glass; painting, sewing, mechanical works, woodworks

    47 x 30 x 64 cm, 11 kg



    Papier-mache house and garden corner with a flowering tree and a boy’s figure with mandolin are fixed on the rectangular wooden stand, three sides of which are decorated with images of stones and flowers. The bisque-headed boy is wearing beret with feather on his head. He is dressed in light silk suit with frilled front; cuffs, belt and short trousers bottom are trimmed with red velvet braid.

    Two steps and entrance door are on the house front side. A turret with door and conical roof are above the door. A girl’s figure in red silk dress with lace collar and wire-ribbon is in the turret. Lace cap with silk bow is on her head. Window with a shutter, wooden binding and red silk curtain with golden fringe is in the lateral wall that is entwined with ivy. Dog’s booth with a small dog inside is near the wall.

    Musical movement with a sound comb, cylinder for one tune and spring drive, is placed in the stand. Winding key and activating button are on the rear panel. When the movement is turned on, the melody sounds, the boy "plays" the mandolin, moving his right hand, his head descends and rises, turns to the right and to the left. The girl opens the door with her right hand, and sends air kisses with her left hand, leaning forward. The dog shows up from the booth and "barks", opening its mouth.