Automaton "General Grant smoker"

    Automaton "General Grant smoker"

    USA, Bridgeport, Connecticut

    circa 1910

    Ives Manufecturing Company

    Wood (walnut), metal, felt, brass, papier-mache; painting, casting, sewing, woodwork

    20 х 15 х 35 cm, 4 kg


    Automaton in the form of General Grant figure, sitting on red metal chair with bent backrest and feet, mounted on wooden support with a profiled base. Head, arms and boots made of painted metal, trunk and legs are wooden. He is dressed in woolen suit: black trousers with yellow stripes, blue jacket with buttons and band collar, with white under collar. The general holds mouthpiece with cigar in his left hand.

    The control movement with one cam and cylinder, with piston and spring motor is mounted in the base. Winding key is on the rear side. When the movement is activated, General turns his head, brings the mouthpiece to his lips, breaths in smoke, and then blows it out through his mouth, the movements are repeated.