Music automaton "Afro American playing banjo"

    Music automaton "Afro American playing banjo"

    end of the 19th century

    Gustave Vichy

    Paper, plastic, fabric (velvet, silk, cotton),leather, wood; painting

    Height 75 cm


    Dark-skinned young man with a banjo in his hands is standing on a wooden stand covered with light brown colour velvet. The young man is dressed in a colorful maroon velvet frock coat with long flaps; the inner side is trimmed with cream-coloured silk. Lace ruffles adorn the cuffs on the sleeves. The collar and frock coat rim are rimmed with fringes from golden metallic fabric. Black cotton sweater is under the coat, lacy light beige luxuriant frill with a «pearl» on the neck complements it. Silk cream-yellow with peach colour stripes waistcoat is put on above the jacket. The waistcoat is decorated with lace braid and is complemented by four golden plastic buttons. Black cotton socks and velvet boots of the same colour as the frock coat are on his feet. Velvet cream-yellow hat with black velvet rim is on the head of the young man. The music movement is hidden inside, it is winded up with the key that is located on the automaton back. Activating lever for starting the tunes is there as well. When the movement is activated, dark-skinned young man raises and lowers his head, opens his mouth, moves his right hand, imitating playing the banjo.


    Инв. № 1040/ММП