Automaton "Bébé Rose"

    Automaton "Bébé Rose"


    circa 1880

    Roullet & Decamps , Pierre-Francois Jumeau

    Paper, porcelain, fabric (cotton, silk); painting

    18 х 18 х 20 cm, 4 kg


    Presented in the form of a flower, made of papier-mâché and painted green, petals are silk light green, white buds, made of cotton. Automaton in the form of a girl dressed in silk cream blouse with lace cuffs and collar is inside the flower. Porcelain head and hands.

    The musical movement is started with a key on the rear side, next to the lever for activating tunes. While the melody is playing, the girl appears from the flower, turns from side to side, sends air kisses, hides inside and the lid closes.