Automaton "Ballerina, looking in a hand mirror"

    Automaton "Ballerina, looking in a hand mirror"


    circa 1910


    Porcelain, paper, wood, metal, fabric (velvet, silk, lurex), beads; painting

    25 х 32 х 56 cm, 3 kg

    Figure of a girl is presented on a stand. Rectangular wooden stand is on four round metal feet and is covered with burgundy velvet. The girl is dressed in silk red blouse with floral motifs, along the upper edge decorated with a silk golden-yellow trimming with a frill and metalized braid. The lower part of the shirt is decorated with a silk frill of the same colour as the bows. The collar is made of metallized yellow ochre braid, in the center decorated with a pomegranate jewels. Cuffs on the sleeves of the shirt are decorated with lace braid with silk bows and a  brown-beige flower with three pearls. White lace skirt with frills, floral elements and drop-shaped patterns. The skirt sides are decorated with metalized fabric smocks. A three-layered silk bow adorned with a twig of artificial flowers is on the girl's head.  Drop-shaped earrings with ruby-coloured jewels are in her ears, White mesh pantyhose and golden colour silk shoes, supplemented along the perimeter with metalized ribbon, decorated with beads on the toes are on the feet. A thin red silk strip trimmed with beads and ribbons with multi-coloured beads is on the ankles. The girl holds a mirror in her left hand and a fan in her right hand. The perimeter of the fan and mirror are decorated with lurex and embroidery from the external side, the center of the fan is adorned with a jewel of dark yellow color. The girl's head and hands are made of porcelain, the legs are made of papier-mache. The music movement is inside the stand, it is winded by the original key marked "LB" on the reverse side, and started by the lever. When the movement is started, the girl raises and lowers her left leg, fanning herself and looking in the mirror.