Musical automaton "Girl playing harp"

    Musical automaton "Girl playing harp"



    Lambert, Léopold

    Porcelain, fabric (velvet, silk), metal, wood

    60 х 22 х 33 cm; base 25 х 35 cm, 3 kg


    Seated at the side of a finely carved wooden harp is a bisque-headed lady with very pale complexion enhanced by heart-shaped face, aquiline nose, cobalt blue glass eyes, beautifully painted features, closed mouth, bisque breastplate, pierced ears, original soft pale blonde mohair wig in original coiffure, carton upper torso, separated metal fingers, and cone-shaped metal/wooden form which disguises the hidden spring-driven clockwork motor and serves as a form for her elegant gown. Wooden-framed harp in original red and gilded paint has detailed carving, and the lady wears a superb costume of ice blue silk with fine Alencon lace and four-strand pearl choker at her elongated neck.

    The clockwork movement has six brass animation cams as well as a two-air musical movement.