Musical automaton "Little girl with powder puff and mirror"

    Musical automaton "Little girl with powder puff and mirror"

    circa 1890

    Roullet & Decamps , Pierre-Francois Jumeau

    Porcelain, wood, fabric (velvet, silk, caprone), bone, artificial hair, feathers, beads; Painting

    Height 46 cm

    Mark on the nape: "Depose/Tete Jumeau/Bte S.G.D.G./4"


    Standing upon a burgundy velvet covered base with beautifully curved sides is a bisque head doll with blue glass paperweight inset eyes, painted lashes, feathered brows, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with accented lips, pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, carton torso and legs, wire upper arms, bisque forearms.

    When wound, the music plays and she turns her head from side to side, and alternately powders her face three times, then lifts the mirror and gazes into it. Automaton with superb original rose silk costume with Alencon lace and ivory silk faille ribbons, matching feathered bonnet and shoes, multi-layered undergarments.