Automaton "Writing Pierrot"

    Automaton "Writing Pierrot"


    Christian Bailly

    Porcelain, wood (fruit tree, mahogany), shellac, glass, brass, fabric (silk, velvet, cotton), leather; painting

    Automaton is presented as a figure of Pierrot sitting at a table and writing a letter. The whole composition is located on a flat rectangular pedestal, veneered with fruit tree wood; the lower part of the stand is made of mahogany. Table is with four curved legs, trimmed with black shellac; its upper part is covered with leather and framed by the embossed golden edging. A brass kerosene lamp with a glass bulb is on the left side of the table. Pierrot is dressed in silk suit of a shiny pearl-beige tint. A shirt with a jabot collar, the shirt cuffs, the flares and the lower part of the trousers are decorated with red pompons. A black silk skullcap is on the head. Black cotton socks and black velvet shoes with black pompons are on his feet. The music movement is hidden inside the chair; the automaton is winded by a key on the right side of the trunk and activated by a lever. During the movement operation, Pierrot tilts the head back and forth, holds a pen in his right hand and pretends that he is writing a letter. Further he is switching the lamp on and off.

    Инв. 1874/ММП