Musical automaton "Hookah Smoker"

    Musical automaton "Hookah Smoker"

    Switzerland, Saint Croix

    circa 1995


    Papier-mache, bisque, leather, wood, metal, fabric, glass; sewing, mechanical work, woodwork, painting

    58 x 29 x 44 cm

    On the key: “REUGE MUSIC”, on the movement: “REUGE MUSIC”, “SWITZERLAND”


    Musical automaton in the form of swarthy bearded man in oriental clothes is mounted on wooden stand covered with dark green velvet. A smoker sits on green cushion with crossed legs in leather boots with curved toes. A hookah on three supports in the form of paws and glass flask with dry flowers and plants are on his left. The smoker has biscuit, arms and legs, hazel glass eyes, half-open mouth, red velvet red fez with braid and white turban decorated with brooch with golden petals and red cabochons are on his black hair. He is dressed in a white shirt with band collar, metal buttons and a brooch made from metal gimp with a transparent cabochon. The shirt and vest from brocade are trimming with metal gimp, red velour harem pants; wide white ribbed belt is tightened with dark blue cord. The smoker holds a mouthpiece connected with the hookah by twisted black-brown cord in his right hand. Translucent crystal is in his left hand.
    Control mechanism with four cams, cylinder with piston and a musical movement with pinned cylinder for two tunes, sound comb and spring motor mounted in the stand. Two winding keys and sliding lever for switching on / off the movement are on the stand lateral side. When the mechanism is activated, the melody sounds, the cylinder with the piston pumps smoke, the smoker turns and tilts his head several times, alternately raises his right hand and brings the mouthpiece to his mouth, as if inhaling and exhaling smoke, then his left hand with the crystal.