Musical automaton "Girl with concertino"

    Musical automaton "Girl with concertino"

    France, Paris

    circa 1895

    Vichy, Gustave

    Papier-mache, bisque, wood, metal, fabric; sewing, mechanical work, wood carving, woodwork

    70 x 31 x 28 cm, 8 kg

    On the key: "8"


    Musical automaton in the form of a dark-skinned girl figure, sitting with crossed bare feet on high wooden chair with the seat covered with burgundy color velvet with braid. The girl has brown glass eyes, moving eyelids, black hair, her mouth is half open, her teeth are visible. Greenish color scarf is on the girl’s head. The Russian style scarf is on her neck. A bracelet is on her right feet. She is dressed in red-brown blouse and wide horizontal striped skirt. The girl is holding a concertina.
    Musical movement with sound comb, pinned cylinder for two tunes and spring motor are mounted under the seat of the chair. Winding key and start/stop button are on the rear side.
    When the movement is turned on, the music sounds, the girl “blinks”, turns her head right and left, up and down, the girl squeezes, stretches the concertina’s bellows with her left hand, and moves her right foot in time with the music.