Musical automaton "Hookah smoker"

    Musical automaton "Hookah smoker"

    France, Paris


    Lambert, Léopold

    Papier-mache, bisque, wood, metal, fabric; sewing, mechanical work, woodwork, painting

    62 x 32 x 35 cm

    On the key “LB”


    Musical automaton in the form of a black bearded man in oriental clothes is mounted on wooden stand, with a dark gray velvet cape trimmed with ribbon with pompons around the edge. The smoker is sitting with his bare legs crossed; a hookah is on his right hand side. His head, hands and feet are made of biscuit, his eyes are of brown glass, his mouth is half-open and a turban is on his head. He is dressed in cream shirt with a woven floral pattern, band collar and velvet purple jacket. The shirt and vest are ornated with metal gimp, yellow silk harem pants below the knee, wide color belt. The smoker holds a mouthpiece connected to the hookah by red cord in his right hand and a teacup in his left hand.
    Control mechanism and the musical movement with pinned cylinder for two tunes, sound comb and spring motor are mounted in the stand. Winding key and sliding on / off lever are on the rear side. When the movement is turned on, the melody sounds, the smoker turns and tilts his head several times, alternately raises his right hand and brings the mouthpiece to his mouth, as if inhaling and exhaling smoke, then he raises his left hand bringing a cup to his mouth, as if sipping tea.