Music automaton "Clown with a bottle"

    Music automaton "Clown with a bottle"



    Roullet & Decamps

    Porcelain, wood, paper, fabric (silk, velvet), leather; painting, embroidery

    15 x 22 x 42 cm, 3 kg

    "R & D" on the key


    Clown with a mandolin is mounted on rectangular stand with floral ornament, supplemented by coloured ribbon along the perimeter. The clown is dressed in bright silk scarlet-coloured suit adorned with lace fluffy ruffles on the cuffs, collar and trousers edge. «Tourniquets» with inserts of metallized golden fabric and metal buttons decorate the bodice of the suit. Comic blue wig is on his head. The clown's face is decorated with painted red circles, curls and semi-circular lines on the cheeks; tip of the nose is painted red. Black cotton socks and white leather shoes are on his feet. Music movement is hidden inside the automaton. The movement is activated by a key with the original marking "R & D", triggered by a lever located on the back of the item. The clown imitates mandolin playing and simultaneously tries to balance the bottle on his right foot, and bends the body to the left.


    Инв. № 1810/ММП