Musical automaton "Spanish dancer"

    Musical automaton "Spanish dancer"

    France, Germany

    Circa 1910

    Roullet & Decamps , Simon & Halbig

    Papier-mache, wood, metal, fabric, lace; sewing, mechanical works, painting, wood works

    Height 55 cm, 2 kg


    Automaton in the form of the Spanish dancer is mounted on rectangular, covered with red velvet stand. With bisque head, open mouth, moving flirty blue glass eyes with cloth upper lashes, pierced ears, black hair wig, bisque hands, one raised aloft, the other resting on his hips, with going-barrel motor and single-tune cylinder movement causing the dancer to turn back and forth 45 degrees on his right heel, while stamping his left foot, twirling the tambourine, swaying his head and glancing left and right, in well-preserved and mainly original costume: eau de Nil suit and velvet bolero jacket trimmed with metallic braid, lace and silk-covered beads. With steel key.