Bernes, Mark


Mark Naumovich Bernes (Neiman) - popular actor and singer. Не is deservedly considered one of the symbols of the time. Practically all people in the USSR were acquainted with his creative work.

When Mark graduated from school, his parents decided that he should go to the Trade school. Hence, the young man already was dreaming of performing on the scene. He left his native town - Kharkov and went to conquer the capital. He faced many difficulties. He agreed to do everything to become closer to his dream. At the age of 17, the young man was accepted into the extras Mali and Bolshoi theaters. The era of Bernes formation as an artist began.

In 1930, Bernes was admitted to the Moscow Drama Theater as an auxiliary cast member. Bernes played small roles in the first team of actors for a year. In 1936, in the film “The Miners” by Sergei Yutkevich, Mark Bernes played one of the title parts – the role of engineer Krasovsky. His relaxed behavior in front of the camera, his dazzling, courageous smile, the special manner of communication with colleagues won the heart of the film director. The role of Kostya Zhigalev in the next movie of Yutkevich “The Man with the gun” became his visit card. The song that Mark performed supplemented the role. The second film director Pavel Armand wrote the words in a day. Yutkevich, who welcomed the idea of the song, persuaded composer Dmitri Shostakovich, who wrote the music for the film, and he included the melody of the song in the overture. Finally, it became the leitmotif of the entire movie. In 1939, Bernes recorded this song on his first record.

Bernes starred in 55 films during his life. He played positive character roles of military men. Mark Bernes creative work as an actor was awarded by the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 1951. It was marking the artist 40th birth anniversary.

However, the career, as well as the life of the actor, had never been cloudless. The 1958th was the hardest year. Two newspaper articles that tried to defame the singer's name appeared in September of 1958. One of them was blaming the singer of performing vulgar songs. The other one blamed the artist of the inappropriate behavior. The character of Mark Bernes, according to his contemporaries, was really difficult and contradictory.

Foreign tours, as well as concerts in the USSR brought Mark rave audience reviews. He collaborated with famous Soviet poets and composers, film directors gave him the roles of singing characters.

On July 8, 1969, the singer died of lung cancer. He wished that during the funeral ceremony his favorite songs were played instead of the mourning marches.

His request was fulflled A few days after his death, a decree on conferring Bernes the title of the People’s Artist of the Soviet Union was issued. Crowds of people came to say the farewell words to the favorite artist.