The Pantone Colour Institute has announced the colour of 2024

Peach Fuzz is the kind of color whose warm and welcoming embrace conveys a message of compassion and whose cosy sensibility brings people together and enriches the soul,
Laurie Pressman, Vice President, Pantone Color Institute

The Pantone Color Institute, in keeping with its annual tradition, has announced the — Peach Fuzz as the top shade of 2024 with the number 13-1023. Peach Fuzz is a pale shade of orange that gets its name from ripe peaches with their deliciously colored peel and flesh. The final selection was published in Pantone View, a dedicated guide for designers, advertising agencies, design studios, florists, stylists and other customer-focused companies. A big misconception is that Pantone sets the trend for the year — in fact, the experts choose the color that has already become popular. The Pantone Color Institute is an important organization that uses color theory to interpret various current trends. Pantone chooses its main color every year. Peach color corresponds to the present time, in which we have to struggle with negative emotions and uncertainty about the future, and the most important thing for us is comfort, warmth, a sense of security. Nurturing hope and positivity has become a powerful survival mechanism for consumers. Caring, human connection and community are at the heart of this color of 2024. Pantone experts have been analyzing color patterns since the beginning of the year, and it has taken nine months to collect the data. The Pantone Color Institute takes into account current events in the art, cinema and sports spheres, designers’ collections, political and economic agendas. Even new cartoons, breaking stories and popular websites can influence the statistics.

The 2024t6h marks 25 years since the Pantone Color Institute announced the color of the year. The significant date may explain the company's return to its roots with a classic shade such as peach.

In comparison, the current year the company unveiled Viva Magenta along with immersive images created by artificial intelligence. This gentle shade also emphasizes the importance of health and well-being for the mind, body and soul. From the warm colors of a sunrise or sunset to the coziness of a fluffy blanket, it highlights moments of inner peace. The name of the romantic shade reflects the tactile sensations associated with it: velvety peaches, soft marabou feathers and smooth vintage satin and silk all come to mind when you think of the combination of pink and orange.

Peach color has a positive effect on the human psyche. It can evoke feelings of joy, peace and optimism, which helps to improve mood and relieve stress. This color can also enhance creativity and inspire creativity.

Pantone Institute traditionally makes souvenir products in the announced color or shave and launches collaborations with well-known manufacturers. The hue of the year is getting more and more attention, and it will invariably make an appearance in Fashion houses collections, interior design projects, in decorative cosmetics brands, in make-up and manicure trends, in printing and advertising.
Peach color is associated with youth, freshness, tenderness and purity. It also symbolizes naivety, kindness and optimism. Objects that surround us and a variety of peach-coloured décor can lift our spirits and remind us of life's pleasant moments.

Decorative Arts and Jewellery section of the museum Collection features a variety of objects in the main colour of 2024 — Peach Fuzz

On the cover: Japanese Plum Flowers (Ume). Manfred Wild, Emile Beker firm. Germany, Idar-Oberstein. The 20th century
Vase with the image of spray rose. Gabriel Argy-Rousseau. France, Paris. First half of the 20th century
Vase with golden knops. Daum Freres manufactory. France, Nancy. The 20th century
Young plasterer. First half of the 20th century
Rose with three buds. The 20th century
Elephant. Germany, Idar-Oberstein. The 20th century
Pig [in the box]. Circa 1920
Toucan. Graveur Atelier Reiner Stein. Germany, Idar-Oberstein. The 20th century
Rooster. Peter Muller. Brazil. The 20th century
Shot glass (in the branded wooden box). Fabergé firm, A. Petrov workshop. Russian Empire, St. Petersburg. 1899-1904
Ladle. Fabergé firm, Anders Nevalainen gold and silverware workshop. Russian Empire , St. Petersburg. 1908-1913

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