Muller, Peter


Peter Muller was born in 1952 in Lucerne, Switzerland. He lived in different countries and moved to Brazil in 1979. There in 1984 he began to carve birds from precious stones. Got married to Teja Vroom in 1987 and since 1990 the couple started to participate in the International art fairs.

Peter has the most advanced carving shop in Brazil, where he and his colleagues always strive to improve the quality of their creations. The nature itself teaches Peter and his carving-crew how to create these bright hand-crafted jewels out of natural colored precious stones from all over the world.

The charm of each Peter Muller’s bird is that there are not two alike. Each one was created individually. The bases are all carefully picked out of tons of different mineral specimen like tourmalines from 7 different mines, crystal from 4 different mines and many kinds of other rare stones, some over 40 million years old – they all can be found on the territory of the country where Peter lives now – in Brazil.

Peter and Teja Muller produce two lines of birds and animals’ carvings from precious stones: PM production line: a line of over 100 models of bird-butterfly-fish-carvings and less expensive PM special carving line.

To cut out such a figure takes a lot of time, patience and great talent. This is why they are so desired worldwide!

Exhibits in the Museum Collection