Meet the themed exhibition "Circus Parade" characters

Another character of the themed exhibition "Circus Parade” — is the musical automaton "Clown Cellist", created at the end of the 19th century in France in the workshop of Leopold Lambert.

The musical automaton is made in the form of a clown with a cello standing on a wooden barrel decorated with brass hoops. The clown is dressed in white and light green checks cotton suit. The cuffs, collar and bottom of the costume are decorated with lace ruffles the same color with the costume. The lace beige band-collar is embroidered. There is a light green silk fool's cap on his head, topped with a fur pompom and decorated on the edge with golden braid. The clown wears light brown leather shoes with silk bows and metal buckles.

The face of the circus character is painted with the wands of playing cards. The automaton has two mechanisms - the musical mechanism is inside the barrel, the movement mechanism is inside the clown figure. Activating lever of the musical mechanism is on the barrel rear side, the key under the clown’s right hand switches on the movement mechanism.

As the music plays, the clown imitates playing the cello; simultaneously he is turning his head to the right and to the left, following the head movement, raising his eyebrows and moving the ears, sticking out his tongue.

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