Preparing for the exhibition "Circus Parade" (video)

Video clip narrating about new thematic exhibition arrangement is posted in the section "Museum Life". The exposition features unique mechanical dolls that were created in the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries and nowadays are stored in the museum "Collection” repository. As part of the “Circus Parade” exhibition, the visitors will be acquainted with the history of the companies that created these mechanical dolls, learn automata manufacturing peculiarities and their mechanisms’ configuration. Moreover, the visitors will have chance to examine amazing mechanical dolls in operation and listen to the melodies that they vocalize, since many exhibits are equipped with musical mechanisms. At the excursion through the exhibition "Circus Parade!" visitors will be acquainted with the history of the companies that manufactured mechanical dolls, learn about the peculiarities of those items creation and the mechanisms configuration. The visitors will watch these exhibits in operation and hear the melodies that accompany their performances. The exhibition features works by the famous French craftsmen such as Gustave Vichy, Jean Marie Phalibois, Alexandre Théroud, Leopold Lambert, Jean Roullet, Ernest Decamp and others. The exhibits are united by the theme of circus, one of the oldest and most popular forms of entertainment art.

You can sign up for the tour on the museum website in the Contact Information section.