Museum stories: “Enamel works of Princess Maria Tenisheva "(video)

At the beginning of 2021, the museum Collection exposition was replenished with the new exhibit – casket “Fish”, created by Princess Maria Tenisheva, one of the brightest figures both in the Russian, and in thr European artistic life in the late 19th - the first decades of the 20th centuries.

Small volumetric stylized bronze figurine "Fish" was made in the form of a casket ornamented with multicolor champlevé enamel. It enters into the series of seven figurines named by N.K. Roerich "The Enchanted Beasts" and featuring "Fish", "Swan", "Cat", "Dove", "Pig", "Owl" and "Rooster".

Six figurines were invented as caskets and one of them,"Swan", as a paperweight. Not only the monogram of M. Tenisheva – “MT” and the year of creation – “1908”, mark each figurine but the numeral from "1" to "7", which probably could indicate the serial number. Princess M. Tenisheva created this series in her workshop in Paris in 1908. Small volumetric bronze figurines were cast using the "cire perdue" technique and covered with champlevé enamel of different shades. Tenisheva has repeatedly demonstrated these figurines at the art exhibitions in Paris, London, Prague, and Brussels.

You can learn more details about the life of Princess Maria Tenisheva - a Russian noblewoman, public figure, enamel artist, teacher, philanthropist and collector from our new video clip “Enamel works of Princess M.K. Tenisheva" in the "Museum Stories" cycle.

Biography of the founder of the art studio in St. Petersburg, the Drawing School and the Museum of Russian Antiquity in Smolensk, a craft school in Bezhitsa, as well as art and industrial workshops in her own estate Talashkino is in the section "Authors/Producers". The works of Maria Tenisheva can be examined in detail in the section "Russian Enamel".