Museum stories: "Enrico Caruso" (video)

On February 25, we celebrated the birthday of one of the prominent famous opera tenors - Enrico Caruso.

Today we present to your attention a new issue of the cycle "Museum Stories", which tells about little-known details of Enrico Caruso life and creative work.

The jubilee thematic commemorative exhibition in the museum Collection,  dedicated to the work of Paolo Troubetzkoy, presents the master's iconic works, including the sculpture featuring  Enrico Caruso as Dick Johnson  in the opera “La fanciulla del West” (The Girl of the West) by Giacomo Puccini. The opera premiered on December 10, 1910 at the Metropolitan Opera, New York. Conducted by Arturo Toscanini. Caruso played the role of Dick Johnson alias Ramerres. Paolo Troubetzkoy made the sculpture in 1912.

The sculpture was created at a time when both masters - Enrico Caruso as a tenor and Paolo Trubetskoy as a sculptor - were at the peak of their creative careers.

More about the personality and talent of Enrico Caruso - in the new issue of our regular column "Museum Stories".