The upcoming lecture "Secrets of Stones"

Dear friends, we are glad to announce that shortly the lecture "Secrets of Stones" will be posted in our “Lecture Course” section. The lecture is based on the themed tour in the Lapidary Art Hall - one of the most sought-after excursions among the museum guests.

Lapidary art is the ancient trend of the applied art, with centuries-old traditions and history, closely related to the development of civilization. The chronology of lapidary art is reckoned in thousands of years.

The museum Collection exposition features lapidary art items from various countries of the world. One of the most multiple is the collection of items by German artisans from the town of Idar-Oberstein, which is the world famous center of stone-cutting art. It was there that such talented artisans as Manfred Wild, Emil Becker, Alfred Zimmermann, Eberhard Bank, Paul and Herman Dreyer studied and worked.

From our lecture, you will learn the details of life and creative work of the stonecutters, whose works are presented in the museum Collection section Lapidary Works of Art, be acquainted with a variety of ornamental stones and minerals, their properties and evaluation methods.