Replenishment of our virtual encyclopedia – the section "Authors and Manufacturers"

Within recent months, our virtual encyclopedia has been significantly updated - biographies of the talented artisans and the stories of creation of well-known companies that produced the unique works of art stored in the museum Collection repository have been posted. The recent updating of the section includes the biography of Demetre Chiparus - a Romanian sculptor of the Art Deco era, the life story of Jacquet Droz - world famous watchmaker and engineering genius, Emil Galle - French designer, one of the major representatives of the Art Nouveau style, the history the Jewelry Company of Frédéric Köchly, Franz Gardner porcelain factory and Imperial Stroganov College.

The part of the section devoted to the life and creative work of the prominent composers and musicians, the recording of their performance that is preserved on musical media stored in the museum Musical Library, has been updated and expanded. These are the biographies of Gustav Mahler - the great Austrian composer, Claude Debussy - the French composer, the leading representative of musical impressionism, Antonin Dvořák - the Czech composer, the representative of romanticism, Sergey Rachmaninoff - the Russian composer, pianist and conductor,Ivan Kozlovsky - Soviet opera singer and chamber musician, MariaPetrovna Maksakova - Soviet opera singer and many others several others.