Thematic photo album "Wild berries meadow" in our Photo Gallery

In summer, there was no end to the different berries. At first, strawberries is getting ripe, which, however, ripens in the forest a little later than in the fields, therefore it can be much fleshy and sweet smelling. Before it runs short, there are blueberries, roebuck berries, raspberries, and then cowberry.

Sofya Kovalevskaya

We present our new thematic photo album "Wild berries meadow". The final summer month always pleases us with the abundance of forest gifts and the generous nature always inspire artisans and craftsmen. Fruit baskets, bunches of ripe berries - these symbols of prosperity and welfare, embodied by the lapidary art masters in stone are in the collection section “Lapidary Works of Art” and in our Photo Gallery.