New photo album "Easter souvenirs" in posted in our photo gallery

For the spring holidays, we have traditionally prepared new thematic photo album dedicated to Easter souvenirs from the museum Collection repository.

The tradition of making Easter souvenirs and gifts is a very peculiar subject matter for many jewelry workshops and companies, both in the old days and in the present time. Significant holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, always present a great opportunity for a master to create something special to fascinate and delight the customer. Evidently, a competitive moment always exists both for the artisans and customers - the attention and favor of the distinguished, wealthy customers is important for all master jewelers. Moreover, for the person that ordered, received, and then presented the Easter souvenir, the most significant is the quality of the product and its singularity.

Various types of Easter souvenirs - miniature pendants, foldable wineglasses in the form of Easter eggs, amazing egg-shaped caskets made of various materials, original puzzle compositions in the form of an Easter egg are stored in the museum Collection repository. The exposition features both the works of the old classical Russian style masters (Alexander Lyubavin, Orest Kurlyukov, Pavel Ovchinnikov, etc.) and the works of our contemporaries (the masters of the New Wave of the Lapidary art from the German city of Idar-Oberstein).

Link to the previous thematic photo album “Easter Souvenirs” that was published in our Photo Gallery.