The Day of organ is celebrated for the first time in Russia on November 24

An organ is a musical instrument that has absorbed the culture of millenniums.

It is "a grandiose and magical instrument that inspired so many masterpieces and was the source of so many joys, has as the ancestor an amazing machine, invented long before our era by Ctesibius, the Greek mechanic with the creative mind".
               (Jean Perrault Reggot Jean. L'orgue. De ses origines hellenistiques a la fin du XIII siecle. Paris, 1965)

A gala concert of the jury members and finalists of the 3d International Organ Competition named after Vladimir Odoevsky, which is unique since it takes place simultaneously at five concert venues, will be held to celebrate the holiday in Moscow.

The museum Collection exposition features a great variety of organs, including fairground, chamber and cabinet organs.

The organs presented in the museum exposition belong to the group of wind instruments. With all the differences in design and construction, mechanisms and finishing methods, all exhibits are united by the method of extracting sound due to the air passing through flue tubes. It is possible not only to examine the exterior details and design of the presented exhibits, but to listen them playing as well.

Despite the “serious” age of the exhibits, among which are the rarities with more than three hundred years of history, all of them have been restored and are in working condition. The geography of the collection gives almost complete picture of the level and progress of the development of this technical field in Europe and North America.