April 12 is the birthday of Eberhard Bank - one of the most well-known contemporary masters of lapidary art

Practically anyone who is interested in lapidary art knows about stone carvers from the German town of Idar-Oberstein. The German stone carving school is one of the most famous, with a historically established center in the town of Idar-Oberstein. It has a continuous four hundred year history.

Eberhard Bank is a bright representative of this school, one of the most talented stonecutters in Germany. His works can be confidently attributed to the examples of lapidary art, created in the Classical German style.

Eberhard Bank was born on April 12, 1953 in the family of a diamond cutter. In 1875, he opened his own workshop. Then came a bright career success – in 1986, Bank was recognized as the State-certified artist.

Currently, his works are presented at the exhibitions and fairs in Bahrain, Canada, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Dubai and Moscow. Most of the works are stored in private collections. Eberhard Bank collaborates with major art galleries and museums.

For the master's birthday, we have prepared a thematic album comprised of photographs of the items created by the master, which are stored in the Museum Collection fund.

Biography of Eberhard Bank is in the section AUTHORS.