This year St. Petersburg celebrates the anniversary - 315 years since its foundation

St. Petersburg - one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the source of inspiration for many outstanding persons of Russian culture, the largest European center of education and science, city with rich historical and cultural heritage, the recognized "pearl" of international tourism - today celebrates its anniversary.

On May 27 (16), 1703, the city of St. Petersburg was laid in the mouth of the Neva river. Peter I started the construction of the first building – The Peter and Paul Fortress on the Hare Island. Originally, the fortress was named St. Petersburg, but soon the name expanded to the whole city.

On August 31 (18), 1914, after Russia's entry into the First World War, Emperor Nicholas II announced the city name change - from the foreign St. Petersburg to Petrograd, as more patriotic.

On January 26, 1924 the second All-Union Congress of Soviets of the USSR issued the resolution and renamed Petrograd in Leningrad. In the course of the referendum held in June 1991, most of the citizens spoke in favor of returning the historic name to the city. Thus, on September 6, 1991, the city got back its original name - St. Petersburg.

Items related to the history of the city, its cultural heritage and geographical location are stored in the Museum "Collection".

These are the most interesting of them:
Medallion with St. Petersburg map
"Peter I". Statue
Sheet with the image of Palace Square
Panorama of Nevsky Prospect
Shot glass with the image of the  Vasilyevsky Island Spit with the Stock Exchange building
Goblet with the Emperor Peter I
Snuffbox with the monument to Peter I

accept our heartiest congratulations on this remarkable