The 190th anniversary of birth of Russian sculptor Nikolay Lieberich.

Famous Russian sculptor Nikolay Lieberich was born on February 25, 1828.

Nikolay Lieberich is a prominent figure in the history of Russian art. His creative work had a significant impact on many world-recognized Russian masters of the 19th century, who worked in battle, ethnographic and animalistic themes. Eugene Lanceray, Leonid Posen and other artisans are among them.

Lieberich created many original compositions, which were multiple times cast in bronze and cast iron. Being the excellent rider and hunter, the sculptor captured his observations in a variety of hunting and battle compositions, in the scenes with the images of different animals. Apart from animalistic and genre sculptures, Lieberich skillfully made bronze and silverware on a by-order basis for high-ranking persons.

Sculptures of Nikolay Lieberich were repeatedly presented abroad at the World Art and Industrial Exhibitions in London (1851 and 1862), Paris (1855), Vienna (1873).

Lieberich works are presented in the Museum Collection as well. Among them are:
Sculpture “Lying Pointer”
Sculpture "Bear of Lisino";
Composition “Samoyed sledge team”;
Composition ”Stremyanny groom with greyhounds”.

The sculpture’s biography is in the section “Authors”.