Thematic photo album dedicated to the 8th of March is published on our the Museum "Collection" site

New photo album "Female images in the works of Russian artists of the end of the XIXth - the beginning of the 20th centuries" is published on our web site on the eve of the Spring holiday.

Female beauty always inspired artists and sculptors. The chemistry between the artist and his model always were interesting to the audience. A master was aware of the great knowledge - how to stop the time, to imprint a charm of a body and identity of soul, to show the shades of mood and the features of character.

Female portraits, busts and figurines, photos of which were included in this photo album are rightfully considered the adornment of our collection of the Russian Art bronze. The works of Paolo Trubetskoy, Nicolay Shleifer, Sergey Yuryevich and Maria Dillon are presented in the album.

Our congratulations on a Spring holiday, friends!

Reference to the thematic photo album: