Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box with automaton

    Music box with automaton

    The 20th century


    Bronze, steel, brass; engraving, presswork

    10.6 х 7.2 х 5.1 cm, 504 gr

    On the sticker on the bottom side: "3 Hannover Friesenstr. 54 Fernsehemeister Schuhknecht Nähe Hauptbahnhof Telefon (05 11) 31 60 11", on automaton panel: "D.L. Lierre", on the key: "1-250" inside the case: "REUGE MUSIC" and a logotype in the form of a stylised lyre.


    Music box in octagonal case. The upper and lower lids are of similar type with flat polished horizontal surfaces and edges with the regular repousse ornament of laurel leaves. Openwork cast ornamental onlay comprised of flowers, leaves and curls is on the hinged top lid. The case lateral surfaces are flat polished. Open-work cast onlay with symmetric ornament of leaves and flowers is on the front side. A keyhole, round felt pads in the corners and round paper label with inscriptions in German are on the bottom side. An automaton depicting a lady travelling in a light carriage pulled by two horses in a train on the background of an engraved fence with a gate. Figurines, carriage, onlay trees and street lamp are cast from yellow metal and painted with transparent enamel. A musical movement, which is activated together with the automaton when the lid is opened, is under the panel. A winding key is of yellow metal with a figured repousse grip and a cylindrical rod. The box case is with a shiny yellow lock. Its external surface is pasted with embossed red colour cloth, the inner side is covered with velvet.