Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music snuffbox "Napoleon"

    Music snuffbox "Napoleon"

    Western Europe

    The 19th century

    Silver, steel, brass, gems; engraving, gem stones setting, casting, chasing, enamel

    9.5 x 5.7 x 2.9 cm, 251 gr

    Inscription on the medal "Schloss Maierhofen", "Schuhknecht". Mottos on the medal: "Entscheiden zeit erfolg ziel handeln durchhalten", "Nur das ist gut was ehrenvoll ist"


    Snuffbox in gilded moulded case in the form of a low casket with a hinged top lid. An oval medallion in moulded onlay frame with solid chain of transparent round-cut stones is on the top side center. The medallion is ornated with a crown with cross and Latin letter "N" beneath it, decorated with transparent round stones on dark blue field of transparent enamel. The upper side is decorated with the engraved ornament of narrow leaves; the middle part is emphasized with narrow black enamel frame. Lateral moulded sides are decorated with regular floral ornament. Engraved ornament and border of narrow leaves is on the bottom side. Double thin frame divides them. Musical movement is in the right part of the inner compartment. It is covered with thin polished cover. Activating button and fixed key with folding grip are on the inner side. Round medal in  transparent case is inside the snuffbox. Mottoes in German suroound the medal, the image of the castle with the inscription "Schloss Maierhofen" is on the medal obverse, the family coat of arms with the inscription "Schuhknecht" is on its reverse.