Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box

    Music box

    Austria, Wien

    Circa 1862

    Silver, steel, brass, ivory; casting, knockout, granulation, gold-plating, soldering, punch work, champleve enamel

    12.9 х 11х 10 cm

    Music box in the form of small chest on octagonal base. The complex assembled case is comprised of several cast and punched parts. The lid is ornately shaped and removable. The case and the lid are finished with punch work, decorated with precious stones in bezel soldered settings  and shaped onlays covered with painted enamel. Onlays are made in the form of crowns, leaves, pairs of griffons. High relief images of children’s heads are in the center of the case front and rear sides. Silver punched vase with flower bouquet crowns the lid top. The leaves are carved from ivory, the flowers are made of silver. Punched cast garlands of laurel branches with ribbons are fixed by the ends along the lid perimeter. Thick wire clamps that fix the lid to the case are soldered to two side garlands from below.  Music movement with spring engine, one tune cylinder and sound comb with 30 teeth are inside the case. Non-removable winding key is fixed on the case bottom.