Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Musical pendant

    Musical pendant


    Middle of the 19th century

    Gold, brass, steel; engraving, casting, chasing, painted enamel, champlevé enamel

    Diameter 4 cm


    Gold and enamel decorated musical pendant in flat oval gold case with the suspension on a triple chain. Painted enamel medallion with the image of  a flower bouquet on pink background is on the front side. Chased border of dark-blue enamel semicircles on blue background surrounds the medallion perimeter. A convex polished lid that covers the music movement with a miniature cylinder and steel lamellae is on the rear side. The music movement hemispherical crown is on the case bottom side. The lateral side surface is bordered with filigree pattern of flat gold ropes in the form of leaves between rosettes with turquoise petals and red core. Gilt oval movement with pin barrel playing a tune operated by winding at 12, enamel decorated oval panel with flowers, surrounded by pierced and engraved scrollwork set with turquoise and three chains terminating in a plain ring.