Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Music box with automaton

    Music box with automaton


    The 20th century


    Bronze, steel, glass, brass, enamel; casting, engraving, presswork

    8.5 х 5.7 х 4.9 сm, 371 gr

    On the bottom side: "MADE IN SWITZERLAND", on the automaton panel: "D.L. Lierre" on the inner side of the lid welt: "DE", on the key: "1-250", inside the case: «REUGE MUSIC» and a logotype in the form of a stylised lyre


    Music box in rectangular case of yellow metal with bevelled vertical ribs, with top hinged and bottom deadlight lids of similar type. The horizontal surfaces are flat, polished, the welts with a regular stamped ornament of laurel leaves. An openwork ornamental molding is on the upper side. A miniature clock in an oval rotating bezel made of yellow polished metal is in the center. White enamel dial with black Arabic numerals and two black straight hands under the convex glass. The clock case is folded upwards for winding and hands shifting. The case lateral surfaces are flat polished. An engraved (engine-turned) ornament, composed of flowers, sheet music and musical instruments is on the front side. The double cross-shaped through-holes for sound output are on the lateral sides. A keyhole and round felt pads in the corners are on the bottom side. A flat panel with an automaton that depicts a frivolous scene in the boudoir is under the cover. Cast yellow metal (bronze) figurines of the automaton and onlayed curtains are coloured with transparent enamel. Cast onlayed open work oval lattice of twisted cords and leaves surrounds the automaton. A musical movement, which is activated with the automaton when the lid opens, is under the panel. The inscription in the lower right corner is stamped in Latin script. Case for the music box with shiny yellow lock is pasted with embossed cloth of Bordeaux colour.