Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Grand piano-shaped music box

    Grand piano-shaped music box

    Switzerland, Geneve

    circa 1950

    Bronze, brass, steel, enamel; painted enamel, engraving, gilding

    9.1 x 12 x 8.8 cm, 599 g


    Music box made of gilded bronze in the form of a grand piano on three conical legs, with two hinged lids and a bracket with two pedals. Polychrome enamel images of playing putti, lady and troubadour, flutist and a dancing couple are on the lids and lateral panels. A scene in the garden is on the lid inner side: polychrome enamel image of a girl and a boy playing guitar. An image of white and black enamel keyboard is under the front lid. A compartment for little things, covered with Bordeaux velvet is under the second lid. The musical movement is activated by opening the keyboard lid. A fixed key for a spring winding and screw heads are on the bottom panel. A music movement for two tunes with a spring motor, a program cylinder and a steel sound comb. The tunes are switched automatically.