Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Smelling salts music box (vinaigrette)

    Smelling salts music box (vinaigrette)


    circa 1820

    Gold, steel, brass; engraving, guilloche, chasing, polishing, champleve enamel

    Diameter 2.9 cm; height 1.3 cm, 27 g

    On the cover inner side and in the vinaigrette compartment "G", scratched "изм'; scratched on the lateral surface edge "8605"


    Gold and enamel miniature cylindrical musical vinaigrette with finely engraved circular case, laurel bands to the base and the cover, highlighted with blue enamel circles, lattice e to the shallow vinaigrette compartment pierced and engraved with a geometric floral design. The music mechanism on / off lever is on the lateral side guilloched surface, an aperture for a spring winding is on the bottom guilloche surface with a leafy ornament and blue enamel inserts. The inner cover surface is mirror-polished, with a hallmark. An openwork lattice is under the removable cover. Its part opened to access the vinaigrette. A miniature music movement consists of a spring mechanism, a program cylinder with pins and steel sound tabs. A steel key has a ring shaped grip and a neck with a swivel ring and a square cross-section rod.