Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Harp-shaped pendant with automaton

    Harp-shaped pendant with automaton

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Bessiere & Schneider

    Gold, diamonds, steel; painted enamel, champlevé enamel, engraving, gem stones setting

    Manufacturer's hallmark in the form of horizontal rhombus with letters "B" and "S", separated by a sword. On the body and movement number "79"

    Gold pendulum in the form of a harp with music movement consists of a case-resonator, a curved neck with ornament, thirteen strings and a vertical bar. Painted enamel with an image of a peach and a basket of flowers with a red bow on the handle on the front panel. The still-life painting is in white enamel shaped frame, above and below is a field of blue enamel with ornamentation, an aperture for a spring winding is on the bottom side. A quiver with arrows in the frame of half-pearls over the field of transparent dark blue enamel with the lever for starting on the musical movement is on the left panel. Rod in the form of a column with a cylindrical capitulum with bulls' heads of along the edge. The top of the capital is decorated with floral ornament over black enamel surface with a rosette of pearls, intertwined with a narrow ribbon of blue champlevé enamel. Pegs on the harp neck are small rose cut diamonds. Music movement with two sound combs with eight steel teeth each, located one above the other and a programmed cylinder with pins. The speed is adjusted with a small pin, moved along the aperture with the graduations and the letters "L" (slowly) and "V" (fast). It is located on the polished sound board with the flowers of back and blue champlevé enamel. A winding key grip is in the form of two rings with a hexagonal plate.