Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Turtle with singing bird and a clock

    Turtle with singing bird and a clock

    Germany, Hanau


    J. Kurz & Co.

    Silver, brass, steel, colored feathers; casting, drilling

    4.1 х 9.55 х 6.4 cm, 433 gr; 591 gr (with keys and case)

    Under the clock movement: "4249", "317", unclear mark in lozenge: "AH"; on the clock movement rear side: "11761"; on the bottom "925", horned moon, crown, ax, maker's mark with a swan btween the letters: "J K"; on the key: "3"

    Rare unusual silver object in the form of a turtle with a clock and a singing bird. The turtle is standing on four paws, has a head and a tail. Round clock case is mounted on the turtle's shell. The clock with round glass lid, white enamel dial with a keyhole and Roman numerals. Number "11761" is on the clock rear side. The numbers and unclear hallmark are under the movement. A cage with a singing bird with outstretched wings inside, is fixed on the turtle's back. A keyhole for winding the bird's movement and three screw heads are on the tortoise-shell. An activating lever is on the left. When the movement is switched on a tiny bird in painted feathers  spins, flaps its wings, opens and closes its beak; sound movement imitates bird's chirping. German silver marks and the maker's  mark are on the turtle's right paw. The bird's winding key with an oval grip, a mark and a square cross-section rod. The key for winding the clock with round grip and square cross section rod.