Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Singing birds in cage

    Singing birds in cage


    the 20th century

    Silver, brass, steel, feathers; casting, soldering, grinding

    21 х 11.4 х 8.6 сm, 736 g

    German marks of sterling silver in the form half moon and a crown, GURR JOHNS. INVENTORY AND VALUATION For Insurance at Retail Replacement Value. 17.04.2012 p. 951-952, mark in the form of a hatchet, “VSH” on the shield under swan's wings


    Singing birds box in rectangular silver case with rounded side ribs on four on four foliate legs and a cage with a ring. An oval medallion depicting two young men and a girl in the garden surrounded by cast foliage ornament is on the top panel. A stand decorated with artificial leaves and flowers, on which a bird in painted feathers is sitting - is in the center. The second bird with a yellow breast is on the swing in the upper part of the cage. A cast ornament depicting genre scenes: dancing people, musicians, children playing, an elderly man at a burning fire, people harvesting grapes and tasting wine is on the lateral sides. An activating rod is on the right side. A square aperture with a mesh for sound output, a keyhole for winding a bird's movement, hallmarks, three screw heads are on the bottom smooth side. When the rod is extended, the birds in the painted feathers rotate, flap their wings, open and close the beaks. The sound movement imitates bird’s chirping. The key grip is in the form of a bird and a rod with a square cross-section channel.