Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Harp-shaped music box

    Harp-shaped music box

    Western Europe

    the 19th century

    Silver, steel, brass, stones; engraving, gem stones setting, casting, gilding, enamel

    13.0 х 8.5 х 4.0 см, 225 g

    On the bottom "925"


    Music box in the form of a miniature silver gilt harp. The case - the harp resonator is made of chased panels. Cast onlays with floral ornamentation and agate cabochon in the center are on the side panel. A knob for the music movement activation is on the rear panel. A spring holder with a miniature key is on the lid inner side. Twelve strings of twisted wire are fixed to the soundboard, decorated with chased geometrical ornament. The upper ends of the strings are attached to the cups with agate cabochons on cast frame with hitch-pins. The chased harp column on a solid cast base supports the massive curl of the hitch-pins’ frame.