Objects with musical mechanism and automaton

Porte-monnaie-shaped music snuffbox

    Porte-monnaie-shaped music snuffbox

    Switzerland, Geneve


    Henri (Henry) Neisser

    Gold, brass, steel, enamel; champlevé enamel, engraving, polishing, chasing

    6.6 x 3.9 x 1.6 cm, 79 g

    Maker's mark "HN" in a lozenge; "PC" in an oval, Geneve mark of gold of 1804-1814. On the sticker: “DR ANTON C.R. DREESMANN COLLECTIE F55”.


    Music snuffbox in gold case in the form of a purse with a hinged lid and a curved onlay and chasing that imitates stitching. Rectangular, rounded sides of the case and lid are engine-turned with an ozier pattern. A centred shield-shaped medallion is on the lid. The lateral sides with reeded band decor, the borders with floral foliate decor, the left side with a keyhole. A musical mechanism, covered with a plate with an image of cooing doves, bow and quiver with arrows of opaque polychrome enamel is under the lid. A compartment for tobacco is to the right. The lid inner surface and tobacco compartment are polished, with a sticker and hallmarks on the panels and welts. Musical movement activation lever, an aperture for a spring winding with the inner lid, and the shifted lever are on the ribbed lateral side. Musical movement attributed to "Carrisot", with 36 tuned vibrating blades, of pinned cylinder type. The key grip in the form of a ring and an oval with a hexagonal plate between them with the number "8" and a rod with a square cross section aperture. Snuffbox from the Dr. Anton C. R. Dreesmann's Collection (1923-2000), sold at Christie's auction in London in 2002.